Swam Too Deep (2013)

Of an immense suffering

My Love!.. Waterlogged

In a depth so deep I could die

The horizon’s divide

I’m going in one last time…

In the bunk sleeps 17 despirite men

They unearthed it from the dunes and it looks just like me

Blue synthetic flesh

I’m a slave to the sea

My horizon divides by serpentine

And my heart goes out

Imbedded in the mud/stays

The blast came too far

And I'm going in one last time

And I swam too deep

Sunk Ship (2013)

Pulls the tide in… that rusted 3am shack.

On that busted form at last!

You found yourself in the same fucking place.

Alas, a glimpse in the far sea to a blackened window, shiver at the lusted cause.

The main liner, the inbred, that mirage confine an unfolding sight.

30 odd leagues deep. I take them further still.

Scrape the bottom, crank to no end!

[[Anchoring in...Deep]]

[[Sent by the sea... Deep]]

Submerged, a slave ship, my own stench, I’m bleached out

Waste on the shore line, can’t beacon the tide closer still

My body leaves junct to a rotten sun

I watch them burn, My eyes close an image

The spoil meat rains

And I’m fucked on a sunk ship

He Came To watch and Listen (2013)

The subject regains vision in the room

Figures in the cold light

One emerges from the void again

Endless hours in the cube

A kiss from a lit cigarette

No escape

He came to watch and listen

From within his coat

A cylinder to shut a life

Stretched Impossibly Thin

I wield my fate in the shape of a spear

Eternity felt like a week

It came in on us fast in what could only be days


A resolve from the slum, I am

In the corner breathing the gun He Is

String comes one corner, his head, far corner

I fear I am becoming the gun

Navigating a dream

From the fey window I am

Snake Of Our Landscape

When I stand on uneven ground

I can’t explain a single thing

I’m melting into the ground

A false devil wailing in the bog

Our presumption left us stranded here

I can’t get up from the hospital bed

I can’t shed my cancerous mind

I wield a solid chrome id

I woke up in the hotel room

There was blood in the vegas ground

The earth was done splayed

I’ll cut off my mind

Flood weather’s simple reveal

What the fuck am I trying to do?

I’ll spill it all

But my chrome will be fine

Snake of our landscape

Fallen Chair

Ending far still…

A splint from a broken chair

Ending far still…

High upon a throne of glass

A blind jab at the throne

A cut throat bug sarcophagus I’m in!

Ending far still…

[In a room a broken chair/a ruse]

[All I want and all I’ve yet to give]

Ending far still…

A syncopated lorid tongue

Rots back his mind to shit

Sunk deep in heaven!

[I fall around]

[I strike the ground]

[without a plan]

[in tireless scan]

[erupted hell]

[corrupted throne]

After All It Has Sunk, Heaven Knows Where…

I took four years up the broken hull

My hands are still caked up in that dirt

After all it has sunk, heaven knows where…

It’s intention was a leather faced sham

Maybe there’s an answer in it’s crater grave?

Maybe ‘cause he's sucking up blood in?

Under cataract skies my fate backwards

I balance it upon a tied tongue

[can I take the morning sun?]

[can I take another chance?]

[can I take the wheel again?]

[can I take my eye’s patrol]

Beaten senseless by the morning sun

Kissed gently by a terrible chance

Raised up by a hand above

Has it been so long? I think not!

In the dawn, the reeds take their bow out



Paralized Grip

Grip on the last vestige

they were all your friends

they were all your options

they were all your interests

all foes in your hands

enemies in your heart-felt words

uncertainty for uncertainty

(x2) what are you going to do?

Left feared

as is

Flood weather came over

I had no idea things would get this far

it doesn't feel worth saying

and your constituents fall out of your mouth

one by one, discarded, naked and blank

I don't trust them and I don't know why I'm here

grey hopefuls, never catching up with there longing

(x2) and they started hear


Gravity Caves In

Upon my desperate return,

there are fires in the flats ablaze

a golden mirage

dead ahead

where has our theater ended and our terror began?

a bitter 5 years in

hiding from what we found

||Shut Down||Calcified in the dark||

this time back has made no sense at all

[Amongst the Graves there]

[Stench of contained air]

...a masterful mark shed in december's gleam

the hills I remember

torn, flooded, eroded and bare


Blissful Intent (2017)

Found wish hunting

With a jackal in my veins

A far dream

And all the violent men who fell

To the pull of a string

And from their hands fall desire’s sand

And a light cuts through

With blissful intent

But now dims low

Is our city buried

In dust from the bones

Of those who fell to blissful decent?

Derelict exalted frame

A palace of clean sin

Where all sides collapse

Skeleton (2016)

Under declining suns

When I turn the fabric frays

When I'm looking through windows

Our bond in the trace of a knife

And from our bond, how can I stand to absorb

The wreck I am in your hands

I lost the link to

Entirely Divide

When you've lost your breath

Can I have your word?

For all I've said from love, lies rotten in the woods

For all I've said from love, lies dormant in the woods

A Skeleton (X2)

I hope to see you whole again

Dry (2017)

I’m looking into the valley from my nightmare’s pitted gaze

I’m looking ahead for an eye’s expression I can’t describe

(X2) Perfumed poison bereaved me/I’m left dry

If I see another I’ll be sure to run

I escape from burning fields and I’m left Dry

Black With Blood (2017)

Red Wings over The minds Slum

Folly’s endless, desperate night

Churning mistaken american land

Division I lay, solid gold

My body black with blood

An obliterate state of royal slump

Passing repeated through the floor

A carolina smear

Black with blood

Slant Of An Intentionally Blank Mind (2017)

Following the endless curve of a lifelong crutch

I walk irate through flooded homes

I know I wish I understood myself

If only I could drink these moment’s dawn

I can always go back north

From the tether of a shadow of a dream

Urgency becomes me

This way tunnels deep

In a forest of flame

I pluck the quill fro my side

I am the scorched earth

Mirrored Confines (2013-16)

Blocked Door

My arm confined

The pressing urge to leave

A reflective chain

I am the rope

My eyes fixed

I am the noose

Tethered to my own side

I am the animal

In mirrored confines I am the animal

Noose in my own hands

I am the animal

Knife in my own back

I am the animal

Noose around my neck

Easter (2016)

Our only beach

Our iron home

Winter’s red carries in

On a broken motorcade

And this red prison’s walls close in

Just try to hold on with broken hands

Just so it can turn to dust and rot

A brisk fog hangs on our heart’s boulevard

Infinite light in the corner of our sky

A landscape of molten blue and grey

Artillery cocked! and damage done

Save the blood beneath this drought for Easter

Eye On The Thumb (2017)


eaming with the sick and flawless

The crafted edge of a million miles dawning

When Miles, distraught, went through the glass display

When all the water went gone

And everybody moved

A sugar swamp and

An eye on the thumb

Sawblade (2020)

On the street, waiting for the revenue to carry over

Mock interest leaves them with empty holsters

With driver’s instincts, pull the curve, pay the radioactive price

Wait it out, reset, mouth like a sawblade

It’s silhouette elasticated, it’s all bombed out

Sold off the last of it, mud slinger on a starved ear

Dragged off, far corner, withdraw with the mule’s heart

Of  clay face, red reeds, to face the sawblade

This Was It (2020)

Go over and over it for the arrow’s sake, cut through the thick air

Down a green granite stair, up slum’s ladder, tongue rotted out with slow gold

From so far away it was carried out to plan, how could i know that this was it?


Devote to run you’re free to run to the border’s sea that you erode with every step

Me? i’m just one of your sons from the treaty lines that you’ll never meet

Threaded from a balcony, the fall of psalms just at my feet,

How could I know that this was it? How could I miss?

Wood From The Trees (2020)

⇅(1-5) we all take liberty to the western flats/dive

⇅(2-4) paramount/past the token of arms/dive

⇅(3-3) affixed to the back wall/in it’s supernatural craft/drive

⇅(4-2) the burning road/the pilgrim’s plummet/dive

⇅(5-1) on the hunt/the apex flux/take the tower/dive

Come back the same way you fled

Choke on the black onyx rope

It all leads to harm

The red painted hog

The mud graves

The bounty out on leopold’s head

Can’t tell the wood from the trees

The manifest throne of glass

In the madness of the mud

Can’t tell the wood from the trees

Saints Have Sunk (2020)

Duo Crucifix seed

Unfold the lower, the same

Hence the imminent trouble of mind

Melting steel

Revolving cries

Reflected choice


Saints have sunk

Fortitude (2017)

Savagery In Burning Isles

A grey Hopeful’s carnal reach

I watch the folding sky

Go up in smoke

((The devils face))

Siphon Sound through sleeping crown

High as might I steal your creed

I cut through their scan, their drone

I awaken Blank and starved

Fall W/O Impact (2017)

Finalization is a mile past the hour

The body follows, the mind whips

The heart’s reduction, hissing veins, Neuro-risk

We’re factoring the risk

It was no accident

It’s coming right for us (X2)

Dreamless Admiration After-Risk

It’s targeting the best of us

To fall W/o impact

Cancer Of The Room (2017-2020)


Upon silk dunes, the dogs of memory

Stalk the last gleems of dusk’s shut eye

If I’m here to uphold the masterful air of their mark, I will dine on the peeling from the wall.

And if I am to be your dog, then I’ll hunt to the edge on the wine of a starved tooth


You Walk Into A Berlin Hotel

Fleas Crawl Out Of Pores

Lipstick Stains, Teeth Of The Beast

I Can’t Shake Your Hand

Open doors/closing ears

I want to be your dog

Leash me to the upholstered chair/kick me as my heart bleeds

Gagging on swollen hair/fingers permanently clenched

The suspect sees what the suspect makes

The tender tyranny of the slain


Have the many years and many rains eroded my form?

In the heart of it all

My clockwork hinge

Crowd the doorway, breath the fallout, burn

Cancer of the room

A Nameless Influence (2017)

Have you ever seen such a tragic red?

As time stains on the same mistakes?

A rogue pilot’s careening

A heartbeat in lead veil

I don’t know where I’m going

My senses are at the cliff’s drop

A nameless influence

Brings me to the west’s din

Where shall my heart dun crash?

Have you ever seen such a tragic red?

As a million lands crumble to the tides edge?

I harbor the wrong eye

Destroying every notion

I harbor the wrong eye

Destroying every notion

Choosing a nameless chance

Breathtaking (2018)

I fall onto my own rusted sword

Then I fall back into the strawberry snow

Ignorance captures I, the dog

I’m running out of your rope

I’m climb floating up the molten stairs

Suspended in the toxic air

The Cadillac moans to it’s end

Flat forever, our lake of fire

I fall into the hole in your hand

Damage has me reaching for the floor

I closed the room

I shut the door

I sealed the edge

I took my breath

Phoenix (2018-2020)

even a

phoenix falls

ember strings

cellophane wings

azure heights

pyrrhic dreams

odyssey of desire

even a

phoenix falls

before abyss

tethered fate

heaven's end

Moonfires (2017)

A bronze smear, a bronze dismay snares

Captured by the night

Could it be the metallic taste in your mouth

The suffocating light, the burning air

The wolf inside my body has my by the throat

I am a mechanism starved (x2)

Could it be daytime? I’ll never know

The moon fires come up over the hill

There is no cover

Motive Turmoil (2019)

A bullet in the author/seeks heat

A stag shell sheds/brand new

A flash in the pan/desires

A stranger in the crowd/expressed


A brush with plight/a touch of lead

A trigger in the air/your eye spills cold

The black sky glows/the capitol burns

Parallel vessels/demand the crowd

Motive turmoil

Shine (2018)

When time slows to its end

Dragging it’s shipwrecks

It comes in the texture of dreams

Prussian blue, saccharine

Taste of heaven’s seas

And the tide’s low, the tide’s low

At half mast for the death of the moon

And it’s shining, falling

The world is coming undone

And everybody is a little aggravated

And all our architects of hope

Watch as their monuments

Crumble into dust

And the tide’s low, the tide’s low

And my heart goes out to the once

Shining, falling world


Ghostlines (2020)

Imbedded elsewhere

Faint at the expo

Pray just for exit

The petrol makes them sick

Clean up the prototype

The wrinkled document

Make no exceptions

Make no exceptions, NO

Dig up some reason

But the simple fact is

Everything you say is like toxic gas

It doesn’t really matter what your next point is

I’m not trying to be a slave to circumstance

A slave to circumstance (x4)

There ain't nothing for miles

I’m not waiting on ghostlines

False face is oscillating

Living out your fears in public

I’m not waiting in ghostlines

Sympathy Xerox  (2020)

Forever closer to a flame

Our thief home, our shadow grave

I stand there, my heart on a parallel

Wake up in a cold sweat because

Being alive is a target’s game

And i’m sorry david, i can’t see it through, something’s wrong and i can’t reach

In sorrows avalanche a murder’s grip hides in a helping hand

It's a poison we can’t dilute

Our enemies are carried in out heartfelt words

And i’m sorry david, i’ve truly failed you

One by one, we’re discarded off, asphyxiated in hatred’s wound

I really just don’t know what to do

They came down on the hunt for me

There are fires burning in the street

Sympathy in oblivion

My pride in my land is scorched

Reduced to the whole of what we deserve

Last vestige will be the death of me

Crimson Vapor And So Much More!  (2020)

Morning through fire escape shards, once crystalized,

predictable, tense to the mere mention. A vapor i would describe blue-red.

Consequentially, the leg impaled, a redacted sum, jotted down, the heavy moment’s break of rain,

the kaleidoscopic fein, busted ivy piles.

Mentioned now spinning initialized, the ren in the crowd/the mask in its sheath.

What am I deserving of? Crimson fog finds those to pluck.

Eats through the lens of a dog’s eye.

Red Crossing  (2020)

Come velvet speech

Come everything machine slow

You bank on restraint

Then hook with the left

Rope along the highway

Neglect arrested state

The broken staircase

The wandering stray shot

Everything comes to blows

Everything in sap from the trees


Tied to the liver red slick

Hunger reflects around

Divin’ in

A permutation’s mistake

Take me as my destroyed mouth sink

Maybe the rejected ink

Living in red crossing

Everything comes to blows

Everything in sap from the trees

Everything in heights

Walk Backwards (2020)

A resolve of demise


For those who walked it backwards

To cheat the ashes

The acrobat’s semantics


The trigger hand

Is weeping

Even the dead leave

And the nation’s wolf

Is starving

4 Quarters (2020)

If nothing else its at the core

The dry salvage in your palm

A brilliant hue in the fog

The castle on stilts, fall forth bellow

  • The water swole

  • If nothing else

  • Curing smoke

  • Return to the rogue

We paid him in full under the door

It took 6 days of war to quell the hoards

Down river hides the villagers toll

If nothing else split into 4

  • The water swole

  • If nothing else

  • Curing smoke

  • Return to the rogue

Germanic Extinction  (2020)

Waiting out in the cold!

Digging up bones

Upon axis of kings

In the gullies of town

And the observers reward?

Habituation, thirst, mud

Cast a stone at it!

As the last of the mob-

The animal upright

The optic inferno in motion

The rising demand

Die out

Your here to kill the subject in the room

Setting fires

Sensation of extinction

Your out in the cold

In complete darkness

Facing a luminous rod

Perceives Extinct

In a luminous form

Sensation of extinction

Simultaneous decline

As The Sun Flips  (2020)

Back to the old magnetic strip

As the sun flips

The horse’s POV

From all the car doors

The row of lynch men

In the Middle Village hills

As the sun flips

Cream colored outdoors

The bourgeoisie adrenaline

As the sun flips

The Hang man’s POV

As the sun flips

To Be Upheld (2020)

Down the hills

And through the trees

A saffron knee

To soften pleads

A fine dust of eve

Was left for me

To be upheld

And thrown away

For such a home

One must wait for years

And the silk road grows

To decline demand

An empty light

Kisses the hand

Although the mother says

In crude detail

To be upheld

In poverty

To be Repelled

In sanctity

To be upheld

You can hunt the globe

Comb through the sand

But you'll never find

A heart in this land

It’s about time

You believe

In your fear

Goldscrape  (2020)

As they hunt and pursue the fox in its hole

Take a fragmented stance /running quasi

The contours of the vas assumes symmetry

They hear laughter in the mirror and crying beneath

Forward bounds the barge, scraping the gold

Somewhere along the way correspondence went cold

Unless there is major confluence there is little hope

Hands rested on their heads they stand in a row

Printing the mold

Scraping the gold

The silverfinch eats away until it explodes

6,000 men spirraling expected to fold

Latecomers to the rush fall to the mote

(x2) onward again

Scrape for your gold


Paperhouse  (2020)

Withstand Running to our paper house

We’re gonna hold out in a paper house

We’re out burning Down our paper house

Is this living? Trash the paper house

Temporary restoration

Neared the breaking point

Withstand Running to our paper house

We’re gonna hold out in a paper house

We’re out burning Down our paper house

Is this living? Trash the paper house

Blind efforts expand/the found regions

Living on top of sweat, waiting for it to fold

Withstand Running to our paper house

We’re gonna hold out in a paper house

We’re out burning Down our paper house

Is this living? Trash the paper house

In a paper house

The burnt ruins of our paper house (x4)

In our paper house

TZRØT  (2020)

Once In Treasons Grip, Gifted with a remote view

You’ve come to realize that you've beheaded your own

Into the rye, into the distance, ina shallow dream

Touching your own face, wondering why

veering home (x3)

It’s not quite forgiveness, far from sovereign

Nights in the dessert, sap on dry leaves

I’ll gie you an impact, ill give you a dangerous lock

The floodgate’s promise, the envelope, the oncoming shock

A victim of one and the same

A passenger reaches for the reigns

You fall to pieces in the dirt driven mad by taste

Silica-Struck Dunes  (2020)

The Moon-Shaped Scar on Fuchsia tells

The czar illness scare with the clientele

Notifications on the parallel

We felt the central block

Fell asleep on the pail-true comparison

Crossed wires looking for the outlet

Now we’re attached to fiber optics

A giant experience in a miniature world

Notifications on the parallel

Capacity Full on the elevators

Silica-Struck Dunes on the continental shelf

We Felt the central Block (x8)

We are lost on glass dunes

2x4 (2021)

COTTON (2022)

A film over the hell river bed

A cloud of steel overhead

My mudbank churning gut

New values /mass produced like I fucking care

Cotton eyes, I’ll pull apart my own veins


Runoff floods those sundown towns, annihilate, my cruel blood

Following a string / the plantations disintegrate

The cotton rope brushes against the skin of my neck

As the paul barers swarm

Tyranny in plain dust

Fallout Perish (2022)

A cavalier trust in the marble shielded door

The half truths held by the pawns

And they watched as the city took everything they owned

And they all screamed “riene!”

And the bishop falls

Shots ring out overhead on plasticine floors

Steadfast with violence, frozen by remorse

Wield fate as a spear, banging on the door

The sky above holds an unnatural sickly glow

Fall in/fall out

Is it choice

Fall from grace

Mal-Absorbtion (2022)

Born scattered all across the harbor

Strangled by the wheel

It’s too late for you to scrape the bottom the moralist his trap

Dreamt there was something over the snow bank, something more to see

But the skid marks clearly illustrate one can succumb to glee

As I awake on the 7th year, I couldn’t absorb a thing

More than nothing hangs an arch


If you’ll strike first, joy, revealed, kneels here

If Silver is my Word (2022)

Imagining a former self gently set in powdered gold

Wondering off

Then suddenly, as pillars fall, peering through a twisted frame

And through the fog

Just to get a glimpse to see how black weds with blue

Set in the dust

Once we’ve layer to rest those who’ve strayed, we burn the sanctuary

Down to the ground

(X2) and I swear if silver is my word

And like a silver blade I plunge into the earth

It’s always safe to say a silver diatribe will leave its mark

Cutting the arch

Now the hour glass obscures our view, from our eyes destruction blooms

Tearing apart

Deeper still, through endless pines, a burning decent towards a clear demise

Set in the dust

The sour taste in seething rain/with the harvest gone where will we go?

Into the dark

Where will we go?

(X2) and I swear if silver is my word

And like a silver blade I plunge into the earth

And like a silver blade I plunge into the dirt

Silver is my words


Waking up in shock, again, in a bed of sand

Then prompted to walk for miles, craving the enemy

At the end of the day, awareness offers no relief

It’s all the rage to breathe your burning history

8 ruins

Tumbling blind from the edge, the feeling blank and cheap

Corrosion at the top of the neck, the features swept away

The corridor in disarray, split skin for the world to see

Mechanical/chemical marks exhibited in disbelief

It’s always here when the pressure drops, it’s getting hard to breathe

8 ruins

Waking up in shock, again, in a bed of sand

Then prompted to walk for miles, craving the enemy

At the end of the day, awareness offers no relief

It’s all the rage to breathe your burning history

8 ruins

Beside The Porous Mirror (2022)

Wading face down in the mirrors jaws

Looking out and just surrender

Ignite shimmering hysteria as the mercury chokes

And gain the mirrored sight

[Beside my oblivion]

Prompted, disembodied the rodeo knife

Take the enamel off it

And gain the mirrored sight

I saw a rolling death through the range of grays

[Beside my oblivion]

You Already Have (2022)

The gunman leaped through the tv screen

Leaping ahead and loosing track

Beholden to sleeper cell

Tearing apart the parking lot

But quicker, slammed the wine glass

Suddenly, but purposefully

Have I turned the maze before?

Time caressed and got the best

But you already have


Quantified the inanimate threat

It’s dizzying, the stray heat

Then I, with glue trap hands

Keep struggling (x2)

Then I, with a dim chance

My DNA, stays out of phase

Take hold of the steering wheel

Carrel them for disabling

(X4) you already have

Go through the the wall at breakneck speed

Your agency pulled out by a string

No where to go, past caught up real slow

Relentless decay like a pendulum

You already have

To Steal The Shape (2022)

An opportunist hovering, dagger clad, dripping silver

condensation sets as an adversary wanders aimlessly

when hollowing out the wings that got you here

oh, grabbing at the rain, howling

is it vast? would this be my last stab at royalty?

the lack of sleep, to steal the shape

Grabbing at the rain, howling

Dreamt Hubris (2023)

A gold Divider soaked in fugitive tears

In a mirrored room

The human harpoon, steeped in carnival light

With bloody meat in her teeth

You grasp for a breath, frantically thrash

As your dreams turn blue

Your Dreamt Hubris, dreamt hubris, is all you know

You decided to run, and are spiraling down

Into an ash filled pool

The falling birds, and drying ground

Ever closer to a hopeless flame

Dreamt Hubris, our dreamt hubris, is all we have (x2)

New Glow (2023)

See the salt collect

See the paper curl

see how they illustrate

second chance

Feel the buzz saw, its sobbing

plumage as our last rain

it hits the glass

Second floor

  1. 97CANISTER (2023)

In the cloak of cold devistation

Live! Uncontained!

Allbeit, hexed and rendered still

Paint Me in Plaster Sheets

Take Aim! An old Stain in the mirror!

Seeing love and sacrafice as the same thing

Seeing Pins on the walls

and whispers strung up on display

In the Blood-red panic/Tragedy upon tragedy

(x2) 97 shots delt out in just a bitter week

A Time 4 Relief (2020)

It’s tough to see past affect

Worried I’m gonna pull the wrong lever

A bed of nails or house of attention?

Illusion or world collision?

(x4) I have no control over…

– Thirsting for what remained a time for relief

Might be wrong but we can stay on it

Borrowed metal paints the wilderness

Hold reservation to the cold weather

Don’t think I’ll ever break even

(X4) My impulse Diluting

– Thirsting for what remained a time for relief

Instant (2023)

An Instant

Flashing in a red eye

in falling snow

Welcoming a spear

but was it cast from behind the cloud?


Fatal inserection, happy illusion

to live forever

split the second in 2

Balconies Over Loss (2019)

Across the deforested tar lake

A flame dances over the dead end

Rust on the isles of cement


Looking down over the fossil bed

The parreless sea of loss

Wear the imprint of Madonna Coal


Spread of crossed hearts

Lemon Coating (2019)

When the oil fields eye cast a spade in deadly schism

The true tactic hand dressed in terrorism


Stenched X trigger hair/lacerated/coated lemon

I wear hate as a draped mirror/shattered yellow


A trident mind to spear ahead and meet it’s nefarious end


Detach the needle’s eye/hollowed out and overstated

Let each kingdom soil/time tested/boil over

Let slaves slave/worn silhouettes/coated lemon

One Billion Tender (2021)

Enveloped by the iris flood

One billion left tender

On the monitor screen

In every home, a template


A headfirst campaign to kill of the wilderness

Assend up the bloodsmeared marble halls

The blind follow the slags, trade for a tender crime

You better draw the curtain quick! (x2)


Mania visited the sons, blown to fucking pieces

40 leagues in the hole, drive the submarine to hell!

Captivated jaws lock and they won't let go

Obliterated by disease

New roman wet dogs


Silent, Ivory (2021)

See how long you’ve forgotten

Disguised! Harm in blue winter

Silenced by a knife to your neck

You raise your glass! Spinning!

The towers on shore

Pulling chain

You have no choice

You dance in a ring

Devolve to twist for devotion

Softly move into the high beams

Choke the hound at the sent

Slaughter your kin in the name of Ivory

Don’t go! (x4)

Deny all in error

Deny all in Ivory

Deny all in Ivory

Deny it!

Rotomirror (2021)

Only eyes caught on the rotating

The self is a canopy false

reflected on powered steel

before me, rests dire, a gleem

Further down the rotoscopic pit

The cylinder, the city’s side

flattened out, wounded, so cold

motion of the synthetic grass

Remember green? faultlines overlay

Recall the hologram day

Sterile motors


Delete (2021)

Spent the last 5 nights stabbing in the dark, pools of their intent collect

shallow in the room

I’ll only fade out loud / in a barbaric nature’s hold

all of your foes fall from your mouth / to tempt survival

and the caravan has thinned out, we can see it for what it is

a band of craven hogs / making sure that their ribs don’t show

De-activate/De-Interlace/Desintegrate at last!

In a parallized grip, a grip on the last vestage


Colosseum 60º (2021)

Breath in the dark

Intercept the SOS

Wings clipped the tunnel light

In the vaulted barracks

No place to run

Ahead the rock in the sky will fall

Zero in on the colosseum fire

Decapitated in chambers

Dead in bed

D Backwards ode carved

Won’t need anchors

Won’t need the glory cut out

Not only by the mind but by the heart

D backwards Romeo

Portrayal of Sifters in the Hollow (2021)

When will you end this time?

A blur in the woods

Never have I taken your shape

As we follow the age

Sifting gold from the brine

And bring on the haul of destruction 

Trained by the storm

A portrayal in the dark

Flee the Creek / The Ruined Harvest

Trapped in the Cell / Symbols with Hands

Twisted Mouths / The Salted Earth

Sink The Ship / In Silent Spring

And the imposter stands

prevailing in the hour glass

Without significance

Take hollow steps in dreams

And when will you end this time?

A tourch to the woods!

Somehow it balances

On the other side of remorse 

[Empty I seige, the animal]

Flee the Creek / The Ruined Harvest

Trapped in the Cell / Symbols with Hands

Twisted Mouths / The Salted Earth

Sink The Ship / In Silent Spring

DUD-TECH (2019)

Scaled reluctance just like a machine

The faux kill in deux failure

Tunnel light ilums the homefront

--The aorta -- The Mudscape

Hit the standpipe/The Fuckhearted lung

In a black room the orchestra thuds away

--the fireworks went off in his face

--Semi-rubber -- dud-tech -- cell decay

Y Serpentine (2019)

The thirsting coil extends it’s stay

And wasn’t bothered by the rain

A touch to seek through woven day

The dust becomes the serpent’s fain

  • A fever in the sun

Season’s defined by a liar’s sway

In the cool embrace of the ditch

A gold leaf armor in the air

The metallic taste will last for days

  • A fever in crimson haze

In jagged entry staggers din

We’ll take the flat lands if we must

And abandon what the valley gives

My hand extends y-serpentine

  • Wavering in sleight of sand


Arriving in Haist! Exhaulted into the florecent red of the horizon’s guarantee! 

breathing the sound of horses! Rototerror!

The blue blood of wet stone

into the cover of sand aquaducts! Bile-ducts! inconsiquential ruinz!

a choke hold! A Snakes eye!

Canibalize the steed! Feast upon an atrophied heart! 

Feast upon an atrophied heart! Feel Whats left of the sun!

hunting my own flesh! Becoming black water! A target! A used pawn!

On the Shores of Hell!

(X2) Have I the Tremulous daggers seething at my hind!

On the verge / In Ruinz!

Bound to duel horses!

Collapsing with fucking wounds! Attain the lead Lake!

Snagging on the backwards fangs of the emotional crowd! At The Moscow Hanging! 

At the devices of locusts! of the swan’s grave!

Tumbling Deeper/Deeper in Ruinz

Forfeiting (2020)

Tighten/ All fronts/ Defeat within tender hand’s grip

Opaque/ Navy Blue/ Starved dogs and assassins

The Synth/ Insight/ Deceit/ Forfeiting in the U.S.A.

Rolling/ Over/ Sidewind/ On the bottom of your keeper’s boot

Smoked out/ Reformed/Knocked on the door turns red

Dreamwood/ Pivoted hills/ A place to extinct

The Despot stands/ Cast iron/ Buried in sand

Segmented for the delete/ Upon the snipe cemented

The editor in our midst/ It has a good view from here

[For the spiral slate]

[For the forfeit chain]

DøveCell (2023)

There was nothing to the cruel design

Do away with the eyes

Do away with retreat / with no trace

Even the dogs... with fever/with grace

The tree’s side burned at the site of the angel crash

For it all to come crashing down

The feeling surpasses bliss

To free fall

And fuck it all

Bask in the plum sun

As cool smoke fills your lungs

Hear the distant attack

feel the concrete crack  

To Live in the siege

To Live in the siege

Swarms Erupt from my chest

All the doves form a halo on my head

Do away with the eyes

Do away with compromise

All the doves form a halo on my head

In the wake of the water’s impact

Is that all we are living in?

Fall in love on a bed of nails

All the doves form a halo on my head

Silver Spores (2023)

On the precipice, the count to zero

set in reverse/petrol splatter

collide into the antimatter

what’s the matter? you seem scattered

yelling into the dead receiver

  There’s some suspicion in the water

do you think of doubted distance?

While decending on the elevator?

Well, there’s rest and theres cavalry 

Fine silver spores

Define overhall

Fine silver spores

An object in the line of fire 

juxtaposition to the misdirected

Hopelessly frot / Contaminated

I dance with him, awake elated 

The silver phosphorus in my hair 

Caress the feeling of despair

kick the dust / breath the alloy

Bones and all! drain the river! 

The mastered strokes of Cyanide 

Fine silver spores

Joined and undefined

Fine silver spores

Be it crime or be it intuition

Drown in silver spores

Well there’s restoration and there’s savagery 

Fine silver spores

Starved Divinity (2019)

Show bone, swallow moon, vagrant eye

Let your history take hold out to dry

Misery runs copper over harsh 20th panes

Dissolve dred column house leveled

Fish flesh rains hail in bloom of fall


Apexx plumet towards the repeating prayer

Demonste! I for one chose to sever it

Skin and bones it crawls through ivory canals

Alarme! it folds in divine disgrace

A heavy head and a chord in which to roam

In Starved Divinity

Theif in the Eye’s Terminal

Extend end (X3) Knifed in the Back (X2)

Take the Eye (X4) a quartz bullet shot (X2)

Gathered it’s not (X4) in the center of hand

Surveillance found (!) (X2) On the anvil on the ruin

The nerve intercepted, an opportune slim chance


   [[[ Tempt Survival ]]]

Feel the pain in the arm’s command

Stolen straight out of the eye’s terminal

  [[[ Tempt Survival ]]]